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What is FKK?

What can we expect in the FKK clubs?

  • large screen tv

  • saunas

  • whirlpools

  • buffet self service menu

  • outdoor and indoor swimming pools

  • 100% security and privacy

  • locker rooms

  • parking

  • Fresh fruit service

  • theme parties

  • porn cinema

  • barman shows

  • massages

  • solariums

  • 5-150 girls one day (diameter but about 45 girls)

What does not need to wait in FKK club?

  • Drunks

  • Light drugs users

  • bad service

  • annoying girls

  • loud music

FKK clubs are mainly in :

  • Germany

  • Austria

  • Netherlands

  • Czech Republic

Dress code ? What to wear .

The FKK clubs rules not even care about your clothes, in every club you receive bathrobe or you can move completely naked. As for the girls, in some clubs are girls and masseuses in bikini and in the more luxurious completely naked.

Why are FKK clubs so frequented and popular?

All clubs are in fact very discreet and closed. Plenty of customers can enjoy their glamorous parties, business meetings, birthday parties, conferences and the like. It's an unique opportunity that certainly does not have chance enjoy every second.

How to get into the club?

If you want to go on your own, surely there is nothing easier than to find the address and go to the club. In most of clubs is not important reservation. Most taxi services will also be able to advise, but it is always better to find informations and make choice yourself. Often, the low quality clubs paying commission to get some of those customers in to establishment. You can also reach the guides from FKK clubs. In the Czech Republic, respectively, in Prague. guides are able to be found around the city center . They usually wear white dress code and you are here for you !!.

Falling in love?

In case you would like to be in the room with particular girl any length of time, it is advisable to make agreement in advance, because some clubs allow to be with lady only up to four hours or less. Of course, after some consultation, everything is possible.

Pay by card or cash?

Certainly do not expect the girls will let you pay by the card. Regarding the payment of the entry and consumption of alcoholic beverages in some clubs can be payed by card. But rather we recommend to carry cash. After all, returning home wit nothing is not worth. Lots of FKK clubs have ATMs where you can withdraw money (ATMs are no figures so as not to see where you collect money.)

What kind of girls you meet in a club?

  • According to our experience in the clubs can perhaps meet girls of all nationalities. Most girls are from, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria and Thailand.

  • Girls from 18 to 38 years, are very attractive, beautifully dressed or completely naked and in high heels

What is the privacy in the clubs?

Each club has infinite possibilities. Sometimes you can see a couple enjoying love at the bar , sometimes people disappear in private rooms, outdoor deck-chairs or at a porn cinema. Quite simply , Its fantasy.

What are the prices of FKK?

If you want to see heaven on earth, it certainly also not entirely free. Basic prices range from 50 euros to 120 euros. The price but mostly for full day stay, food buffet, the use of saunas, pools, hot tubs and everything else. But what you have to pay is alcohol, massages, a company with a girl. The clubs has set up strict rules, girls makes their own earnings and club have no profit from this. The club offers the only space for you to finely enjoy.