Strip Action Club Show Girls

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"Golden Girls" club is easy to find on the city map. Everybody knows the legendary Golden Street, Golden Palace Casino, which now became an entertaining center. But these should not be considered as the shatters of the past greatness of the bull-headed clubbing decade. 

"Golden Girls" has kept a format of strip club. But now it is not just stripping so usual in Moscow, it is a true CLUB! From old only the best has been kept, but for sure the revival club endures taking into account new time, technologies and tastes of the present. 

Expensive, but not pimpish interior, created by the leading European designers, beautiful actresses, famous visitors, diverse show program are all components of the exclusive atmosphere of the legendary "Golden Girls" club. 

The club is represented as an amphitheater. There are guest seats on the ground floor, 8 loges for 5-10 persons on the ground floor. At the scene there are 4 tables with 2-4 seats from 2 to 4 persons, at the second floor there are 6 tables more. For the private fun 4 VIP loges are available in the club. Each with the unique design, capacity from 10 persons: "Louvre", "Old - club", "Leopard" and "Central". Also there are 7 private rooms where you can hole up to enjoy the best in Moscow private dances of fine "Golden Girls". 


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