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Stripclubs in Prague

Erotic blog about Strip clubs in Prague

Welcome to Prague, the city where all your erotic dreams might become reality. This is the first blog of all time about adult entertaiment , strip bars , gentlemen clubs , cabarets and even more . So , without further delay , Lets get the party started !

What's ahead ?

We will introduce and guide you around the town and try to bring you inside this kind of entertainment , since we believe there aren't any quality way to get certain information you might need to know before you decide where to spend the evening. Eventually , we will have a look behind the door and show you , how does it work inside the strip clubs and erotic bars .

Luxury or Quality . No compromise.

Europe's strip club city is without any doubt Prague. But growth in this nightlife segment doesn't necessarily go along with correspending growth in quality. Although the clubs vary drastically throughout the city . The services customs differ more then you might imagine. Nearly all clubs offer lap dances and private champagne rooms , but touching might be against the rules in many clubs.

Wenceslas square , places to visit !

This is one of the most exclusive and best known area to visit in Prague , after sunset its also most popular place to enjoy top strip clubs and adult nightlife in city , following the “street of love“ Ve Smečkách placed on side of the square. Nearly every club opens its door after 8:00 pm , such as Goldfingers or Hot Peppers but if you feel erotic hunger in your heart , no worriers Darling Cabaret or Sexy Sauna club are open already from 12:00 AM !! There is always place to visit on Wenceslas Square . To cover this area , would take more than a book just to give you little insight.

Next step ?

Our nightguides bring you information about every club you wish to visit. We will try to evaluate most important elements and try to bring the best insight into this part of nightlife segment. Wenceslas square and Ve smečkách street coming next . Let's stay tuned .

Wenceslas Square the place to be !

Wenceslas square should be the central and main attraction for you of the capital city. Square is lined by hotels, offices , retail stores , fast food , exchanges and of course strip clubs and erotic entertainment. Its definitely less sqaure then boulevard. Whenever you venture here , you will find plenty of fun to enjoy your stay in the city. The side streets of nearby are full of strip clubs, especially Ve Smečkách street, whole place is probably best explained as Prague's red light district. Lets have closer look on most well known.

Strip clubs on Wenceslas square host sexy czech girls performing striptease and lap dances. Clubs such as Carioca or Hot Peppers offer usual Striptease and possibly some non contact table dances , while you can enjoy few drinks , Goldfingers  club might have even more for you , such as lesbian show or some classic cabaret program but if you feel to enjoy more authentic program you should visit Darling Cabaret , the club has daily erotic program ranges from themed lesbian shows up to magic shows , brazilian, egyptian , latex and much more but you might be ready to pay entrance fee and slightly more for drinks inside the club, while offering free limousine service included in entrance cost, just call +420-732-250-555 and they pick you up in matter of minutes. Sexy Sauna club is located further in Ve Smečkách street and its all about relaxing in erotic atmosphere , with naked or bikini weared hotties from all around the world , erotic massages , jacuzzi and sport events on huge screens , billiard and even more, also they have free limo service. Newly re-opening Atlas Go-Go club might even take your attention closer , as rebranded erotic bar , you might like to enjoy best of czech girls .

Many of the downtown clubs pay someone to entice you off street to their nearby establishment. Its common service around the centre, you might hit them up for some information or just try ask them about special daily offers in various clubs . These promoters might even call you a limousine to Darling cabaret or Sexy Sauna club , there is litteraly nothing better than free exclusive ride in limo , especially after some drinks in party night clubs around the town.

It does not matter whether you like to go for a quite cocktail or beer with sexy girl in one of clubs located in and around the Wenceslas sqaure . Most of the clubs have got what it takes to enjoy night until early morning. Remember the square itself is synonymous with sexual fantasies and party for everyone , who might like to enjoy little bit more than just casual drink at the hotel bar . Clubs suchs as Hot Peppers or Goldfingers are packed with naughty and sexy czech girls or call limousine to Darlings , there is always something for you !  

How to enjoy strip club in Prague

Whether you are there for a bachelor party or just let off some steam, a gentlemen's club offers a perfect place becouse of alcohol , women in various state's of undress and let-loose atmosphere. But all of that comes with set of rules. You should make research in which club you want to spent your time or you can ask street promoters to give you some special offer . Remember that clubs on Wenceslas sqaure usually offer quality and better services . Most clubs are 18+ in Prague.
Prepare good amount of cash , its important to have enough to cover entrance fees , charges and purchase drinks . Some clubs require a drink purchase every 30-60 minutes. While strip clubs usually have ATM inside or in nearby area , its better to have decent amount before you enter.
Beware of the dancers and girls in club , often they are very attractive , they know their way around a wallet and will try to convince you that you are the greatest think. Remember they are there to work and make as much money as possible, don't také thinks personal its both good and bad .
Tip the strippers , its important to give girls on stage some tips , you don't have to do this for every girl but make sure you tip enough ,
Despite what you may think or have heard , most strippers are not there to have sex with you or date you . Its important that you understand that this is just they earn money and they don't want to go home with you . Ask one of street promoters , who is associated with certain club you want to visit , they might give you best idea , what kinda services you can expect inside the club.
Understand the meaning of provided services , lap dance , table dance , private dance before you make order or ask girl to perform service , so you wount end up disapointed. Be honest with the girls , so if you don't plan on buying dance let them know so you don't waste each others time.
While most of gentlemen's clubs dont have a dress code, make sure to look your best, if anything the dancers will be more attentive. Ladies approach the men who look and smell clean.
Most important is to have a fun and try to enjoy party. There is no reason to stress yourself in strip club. Enjoy the drinks and dances , epic stage shows and make sure to make some good time for you in Prague.  

The Prague Strip clubs origins

Prague strip clubs host a bevy of beautiful Czech girls, performing striptease and lap dances every night of the week. Every club offers some sort of private shows and even more up to your fantasy . A combination of cheap flights , alcohol and beutiful women means that men arrives in drove to enjoy nightlife

As a visitor you should be aware that like everywhere else in the world the smart city centre places are more expensive than those out of town and that drinks are a lot cheaper in normal bars rather than clubs. There must be 30 or 40 clubs of various description in Prague which feature naked or semi naked women on stage.

Prague strip clubs came after all of the countries liberated by the collapse of Communism in 1989. The Czech Republic has been the one that has made the most rapid advance to a free market economy and Western European prosperity levels. Actually before WW2 Czechoslovakia had been one of Europe’s more prosperous countries and Prague a major capital so in some ways it’s just returning to it’s rightful position in the economic pecking order .

There is reason why its so popular by party groups from all around the Europe. Lets take a look on one of the most famous Pragues strip club Darling Cabaret . In Darling there are up to 120 Dancers every evening, girls are usually in their mind twenties and come mainly from local area or other countries from eastern Europe . They perform erotic program in funny and sexy customes and offers private services for very reasonable prices . It's reason why is Prague called new Amsterdam of eastern Europe.