Laura Club

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Night Club Laura is situated in a seccession-style villa in the Jeseniova Street, 166 - in the Zizkov district of Prague.

You don't have to pay any entrance fee and the only effort you have to make is to ring the doorbell and wait for the door to open. When it does, you're on your way to meet the 10-12 girls of your dreams.

Our girls are 19-26 years old and all of them are of Czech origin.

The club has been operating since 1995 and we have four private rooms available, all of them equipped with a shower and their own social facilities.

Three times a week you can assist in seeing special strip shows with actresses dressed in costumes from 1920s and 1930s before they strip.

If the strip isn't enough for you, any of the girls can be booked to spend time with you in a private room for a friendly price of Euro 80 per hour - one bottle of sparkling wine included in the price.

For half an hour of the same service the cost is Euro 60 only.


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