Darling Cabaret

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Luxurious and spicy Darling Cabaret is situated at the very center of
Prague city, just about twenty meters from the Wenceslas square, offers
a pleasant staff, beautiful ladies, and constant on-stage cabaret show.
Darling Cabaret attend more than 350 party girls, dancers, and
strippers. From students to moms, they all love to be entertained and
meet new friends. Located on a side street off Wenceslas Square, Darling
Cabaret is the largest strip club in the center of Prague. 

As you walk around Prague center at night, you may see the Darling
Cabaret white stretch limousine driving around. If you like visiting the
club, hop in and they'll take you there for free, straight to a heaven
full of stunning girls who want to meet you and enjoy a night full of
passion and surprise by your side. 

In Darling Cabaret every day is the best day to enjoy a cabaret show
full of sexual excitement. Darling Cabaret has therefore arranged an
incredibly sensual whole-night amusement. No matter if you go out alone,
with friends, or with your partner - in Darling Cabaret everyone will
get his or her cookie. 

Surprise in the shape of an unrepeatable program including perfect
stripteases, autoerotic performances, a live show, Cancan, burlesque,
Brazilian, Snake,  an unforgettable XXL striptease, and also very hot
lesbian show. 

Darling Cabaret is based on the tradition of erotic artistic
entertainment, which was revived after the fall of communism. The
quality of Darling Cabaret is known by more than 2,000,000 satisfied
customers of the postrevolutionary period. Customer can be anyone -
individuals, stag parties, birthday parties, corporate parties, as well
as couples who are looking for erotic entertainment. Darling Cabaret is
here for all people who want to have fun and forget the sorrows of life,
relax, or just have a good party and meet new people. 

Come to have fun, put a smile on your face and make some unforgettable
memories, DARLING!


Mo-Tue 20:00-05:00 

We, Thu, Sun 12:00-05:00 

Fri, Sat 12:00-06:00 


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