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Welcome to the most erotic strip club in rhodes.

the xxl club its open from 2004 with the most sexy dancer in greece

The greece strip club was established in order to charm men and women with the most sexy super-show.Our gentlemen’s club (and ladies) of Athens awaits you every day from 22.00 at night till morning.

The most sexy and beautiful pole dancers and the most handsome dancers from all over the world are here!! and they offer a unique live strip show….

The most sexy club is unique from every aspect. The greatest erotic show, with the most impressive stage, the best music sound and above all, “clean” drinks, The best service and very good prices. The staff is always close by to serve you.

Visit the strip show at xxl rhodes and you will understand the difference on the spot. It is the greatest and most luxury strip live show in greece with the best erotic,exotic and kinky shows that only on the worlds best clubs you can meet. We just wonder if you can stand such pretty girls and shows.

xxl the best strip club in greece for gentlemens and for couple!!!

in the club you can see the most extreme show in worl!


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