Rush Hour

Trautenaustrasse 23 | Berlin | Germany

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Rush Hour Reviews

I liked the place a lot....I didn't find any of the reviews are's really good place......and I am sure will come to you again Michelle are great and I had a wonderful time with you ....kissesssssssssss.......said from Egypt

@ 20-02-2012 01:33:33

Worst strip bar I have ever been to. The girls were constantly nagging for tips despite the fact that they hardly ever broke a sweat to dance. Totally overpriced lap dance. No a place to advice anyone to go to.

@ 17-11-2011 02:05:11

so are germans!! don't be surprised!! :D

@ 31-05-2011 17:41:58

Worst strip club ever, pushy girls that hardly dance or flirt, even when you wave money in their face. We have been to several strip clubs, and this tops the list as the worst experience. Rude dancers, overpriced lap dances, and we had plenty of money we would have been willing to spend. We were polite and we were the only people in the bar tipping, yet were still ignored. Definite no!

@ 20-05-2011 17:48:46

About Rush Hour

Rush Hour, a night club located Trautenaustrasse23, Berlin, is one of the best strip clubs in Germany (in terms of club set upand club atmosphere). According to the strip club’s logo, it has been inoperation since 2002.

The night club’s entrance is adjacent to thestreet (a more natural street with several trees). Near the strip club’sentrance, there is a large signage carrying the words “Rush Hour”. The signage hasa mixture of red and yellow colours. Both sides of the entrance are painted red(to give you a red light street feeling).

Inside Rush Hour Strip Club, there is a fullystocked bar where you can grab a drink as you watch the strippers do theirthing. The bar’s counter serves as a table. Along the counter, there areseveral stool-like seats. The seats are simply stools that have a back part.Behind the seats, there is a large stage fitted with a pole (obviously for thestrippers). The customers at the counter have to rotate their rotatable seatsto catch the show at the stage.

Apart from the stage behind the customersseated at the counter, there are other several stages in Rush Hour. Comfortablecouches surround these stages. These are for customers who don’t want to sitnear the bar counter.

Although the ladies at rush hour are alwaysnagging for tips, they are fairly pretty. The ladies are always willing tooffer table dances, stripteases and lap dances (obviously for people who areready to give tips).  Oh, I almost forgotthe lesbian show. Two “real lesbians” offer an erotic shows at the stage.

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