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@ 07-07-2012 23:39:32

About Artemis

Artemis, anerotic wellness & sauna club, opened its doors in September 2005 and islocated in Berlin, Germany. The club is about half a kilometre from theInternationales Congress Centrum (ICC) and about 2Km from the famous OlympicStadium in Berlin, Germany.

The 18+ club ishoused in a four-story building, which is complete with two cinemas, threesaunas and a pool. The club is large enough and houses plenty of pretty girls.

Once you enterArtemis, you first get to the reception where you pay an entry fee. Althoughyou have to pay each girl separately, the only money you pay to the nightclub’s management is the entry fee.

I like the safetyin Artemis. After paying the entry fee, you are supplied with a key to a cash lockerwhere you lock up your wallet and other valuables. You don’t need the cashinside the club. In case you want to pay a lady for her services, you just walkwith her to the locker. In addition to the cash lockers, the club has otherlockers where customers lock their clothes after changing into a towel or robe.

I also like thenight club’s idea of having showers in the changing rooms. With the showers,you can take a bath immediately you get to Artemis and before you leave. Althoughthe management insists on taking a bath after finishing with every girl, thisis not enforced.

An amazing place!Recommended to everybody who is visiting Berlin.

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