Sexy Sauna Club

Ve Smečkách 19 | 110 00 Prague | Czech Republic

            +420 773 524 919  

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Sexy Sauna Club Reviews

the best erotic relax ever

@ 22-05-2014 19:18:59

It was amazing time there... Every girls was naked. You can be with the girls at whirlpool and she make you massage there. After all night i took one girl Sarah and she make the best sex ever she does everything :D

@ 03-04-2014 06:30:14

yes the best in town

@ 25-03-2014 14:22:09

Extremly relaxed place, and very sexy - anything feels natural with or without the girls
You can get mostly all kind of girls here - just for talking or just for sex
A place for more than one visit

@ 27-10-2013 03:04:10

SEXy sauna, sexy girls. Now they have every weekend new hostes girl. :P

@ 12-09-2013 20:20:23

the shop looks awesome, but the girls are not that good. sure, some stunners, but most of them are below average. still had a great time.

@ 11-08-2013 21:53:09

I love Niki... :p

@ 10-08-2013 00:54:54

I was there yesterday and they new hosstes girls... :-)

@ 08-08-2013 23:04:29

I was there last night.. Amazing place!

@ 30-07-2013 21:35:05

I was there, actualy its for man, but i enjoy this time :) anyway

@ 26-06-2013 13:51:31

About Sexy Sauna Club

Sexy Sauna Club was previously known as Sexy Go Go Cabaret. The Cabaret already attracked a lot of beautiful girls and lots of customers, but they realised that something was missing in Prague. They converted the Cabaret into Sexy Sauna Club.

Sexy Sauna club is the first nudist sauna club in the Czech Republic that is based on German nudist FKK (Frei Korper Kultur or free body culture) principle.

Sexy Sauna club is located in the middle of Prague (Red light Street) and about 100m from the Wenceslas Square. At this great night club, you will find beautiful ladies of different nationalities waiting to serve you as you relax. Most of the girls in this club are pretty.

At the 500 square metres Red Light Street premises, you get access to an all-inclusive member service for food and non-alcoholic drinks. The premises house the gentlemen’s room and an intimate bar. When it comes to private affairs, there is plenty of room for a private time (with shower or bath).

The Sexy Sauna Club is fitted with comfortable leather couches (white in colour). Most of the area looks natural with indoor plants. At the intimate bar, you can grab your favourite drink as you watch sports (there are ladies at the bar area too). In the bar area, there is a couch loaded with a variety of magazines for the customers who like reading (or those who enjoy watching magazine pictures).

Inside the wooden saunas at Sexy Sauna club, you will find a variety of pretty ladies that are always ready to serve you as unwind. This is one of the top venues in Prague when it comes to relaxation in a perfect atmosphere. Definitely one of our favorites!

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