SEXy Sauna Club

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SEXy Sauna Club
Ve Smečkách 19
Praha, 110 00

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4.5 / 5  (10 votes)
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About the Sexy Sauna club
Introducing the unique and best erotic FKK Sexy Sauna Club in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 
There is no other relaxing and erotic atmosphere like here.
The club has an area of ​​500 m2 which offers plenty of adventure, saunas, hot
tubs, snack buffet, lots of massages, one of the biggest porn cinemas
in Europe, sporting events, our hostesses provide you with goodies
directly under your nose. What else can you ask for than to spend all day long courted by sexy women­? 
The club is open every day from 12:00 so that way you can have a heavy Friday after
the party, and we will take care of everything. You are in 100%
safety. It is our strict prohibition on photography and cameras in
general, as is carrying a phone in the club. It's just fun, which you
will never find anywhere else in Prague. As is proven by our clients
voting with their feet and coming back for more.

How to get there?
If you are not
interested to use our free pick up the address is: Smečkách 19,
Praha 1, 110 00, located about 1 minute from Wenceslas Square


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Review by ivan (Unregistered user)

If you want to be between naked :) a beautiful girls you have to come..... Interested club.

  posted on 1/3/16
Review by John17 (Unregistered user)
Favorite girl / boy: Girl

The best place where I've ever been

  posted on 15/2/16
Review by Honda32 (Unregistered user)
Favorite girl / boy: Girl

Skvěle místo pro relax, pánové vřele doporučuji!!!

  posted on 15/2/16
Review by Indigo (Unregistered user)

Really the best place where to spend time:-) nice service, top saunas and whirpool. I can even play there with my friends biliard:-)

  posted on 15/2/16
Review by Jenna13 (Unregistered user)


  posted on 15/2/16
Review by John (Unregistered user)
Favorite girl / boy: Lucy

I was at many fkk club at germany etc, and sexy sauna club is one of the best one. Everytime something new. Best girl. I love it

  posted on 15/2/16
Review by David
Favorite girl / boy: Maria

This club is situate it at Prague, street Ve Smečkách. I have to recommend it. Very save place, no phone. All of the girls are naked and beautiful. The entrance fee is 2000CZK, but you have included food, non-alcohol drinks and transfer to the club. You can come there at 12:00 in afternoon, and ticket is available till 5am. You can go out and come back.

pavel   posted on 15/2/16
Review by Bang Bang

Went to Sexy Sauna. Very good location. There is the sauna thing and there re the girls. If you do not want to meet a girl you can just use the sauna and drink something at the bar. The entrance fee is CZK2000, which keeps the garbage out and certifies a certain level of clientele. The atmosphere in this club was safe and friendly. Had sex with three girls. Sara from Russia, 23 or so. Nice looking girl but made it a rush job, no fun. After that Sylvia, a sweet girl from Kameroen. Good girl, took her time and did all sort of positions. Last but not least Milou. At first you think ;what a crazy bitch', but after sometime talking to her one finds out what a nice girl she is. Had sex with her, but had no urge to fuck her, so she gave me a tender massage , then one of the better blowjobs ever and finsihed with a very good handjob. Amazing girl, not fornthe straight forward steam engine type of fuck. If you want that, there are plenty girls who you can take. The place is very very clean, the barlady a fancy and sporty type. The girls in the club did not push for contact neither to pour them drinks all the time. All in all, a location to return and to be advised to anybody.

  posted on 8/2/12
Review by ahmed

the most beautifull girl i have ever seen ,, emma from russia ,, she's just amazing hope 2 c her again

  posted on 23/4/10
Review by cumshots

Just been to Sexy GOGO this weekend with my boys.. we had a bachlor party for one of my friends,and he had a fantastic show on the stage with Zara and another brunette. Shower and rubb down on the stage. People now call him, Legend of Prague.. love this place.. and coming back SOON...:)

  posted on 10/2/10
Review by Jonny Wanker

the girl of my dreams was dancing in this club.... Zara, 20yr old business/marketing student, she only dances but its worth every penny! has a 6 pac, beatiful breasts, lovely tight ass, skinny! did the deed for 1700 for 20 mins but stayed in there for an hour and didnt have to pay any extra. recommend getting drunk then going as beer is quite expensive as are all the big clubs. nice rooms, amazing dancers and also a good laugh, women dont hassle.... just smile at them and they come to you

  posted on 17/1/10
Review by Anonymous

Went to this club last week (on a Friday). 300 CZK to get in and 200 CZK for a bottle of beer. 1800 for 20 minutes (full sex), 2300 for 30 minutes and around 3500 for 1 hour. Best stage shows I have saw (solos with sex aids, lesbian, boy / girl (full oral and sex performed on the stage). Excellent place. Haven't tried the others but i dont think i'd bother because this place was soooo good. Hope that helps anyone who is searching for a good place in centre of Prague : )

  posted on 13/1/10
Review by morgan

I look for the name of a girl I me memory not it seems to me that it was denisa but I am not on! She is brown I have past a moment with her on Saturday and needs too much that I speak to him! I am the french and she has a lot to speak with a friend who to translate for me! thank you for me helped!

  posted on 5/1/10
Review by Greg

You were amazing and i will you remember for long time :)

  posted on 3/1/10
Review by linetin

could it possible to know her name?!? I know they are a lot but....she does have black hair and green eyes....her name please....

  posted on 20/11/09
Review by linus


  posted on 17/11/09
Review by Torun

I visited 2 nights consecutively the bar for my pretty , sexy , cute dancing girl EVA. I have lost myself in her perfect eyes for hours and hours. Looking for the following visit to Prague I would like to pass all my time in GOGO club and with EVA..

  posted on 12/11/09
Review by Teddy

Hello lucy and thank you

  posted on 2/11/09
Review by GB Banger

Dont listen to the various black lads that say we are the best we are the best! jusr head for SEXY GO GO cheaper beer, very friendly. IK lost my camera ticket in the cloakroom, and they still let me have the camera back after i showed them my picture on it, Ace venue

  posted on 14/10/09
Review by Geoff

Been back to Sexy Go Go in July. More expensive now. Maybe its the high season prices. Still 300ck to get in and 100 for a cheap beer, but its 2600ck for 30mins at any time of the day. At todays rated thats almost 100stg. Still a nice club but there's better prices to be had.

  posted on 29/8/09
Review by Chris

My pal Sam porked many girls in here while on holiday here. He gives it a Ten out of Ten and realy wants to get in touch with Jenny as he has fallen in love with her. Please can we help this guy, it is love at first sight!

  posted on 14/8/09
Review by geoff

Spent 4 days in Prague late 2008 and had a ball. Went round all the clubs I could find including sexy gogo. Nice club, plenty of girls, friendly and safe. Went 2 or 3 times and found it, K5, and Darlings the best. The most disappointing was Neon. It has the best website and the worst girls. GoGo, Atlas and Darlings are on the same street and def worth a visit.

  posted on 13/6/09
Review by Shay

Had a threesome with Anna & Jessie - amazing experience. Jessie sucked me off while Anna did the deed. 2 stunners. Thanks girls!

  posted on 3/6/09
Review by salmonem

i like the girl

  posted on 10/5/09
Review by guest

300 to get in, 2300 for 30 mins with the girl in private. Cheaper exists, but there are some absolute stunners there

  posted on 25/4/09
Review by JOEL


  posted on 3/11/08
Review by Steve

10 of us went to Sexy Go Go and paid 100K, rather than the 200K usual. Inside the girls were of mixed quality - some stunners, some average and a couple of hounds. The lap dances are a total rip off but there's no point in having one when you can have a lady for 30 mins for 1700K. Comfortable but basic rooms for the deed. Showers in every room and you are expected to take one, not a bad deal when the lady jumps in and rubs you down! Nice experience and would definitely revisit.

  posted on 27/8/08