Darling Cabaret

Ve Smečkách 32
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic

+420 732 250 555

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At the heart of Prague’s Ve Smečkách, is one of the best entertainment establishments, Darling Cabaret. The night club is on the same street (Red Light Street) as FKK Sexy Sauna Club and Atlas Cabaret.

The two-storey night club, which is just off Wenceslas Square, draws on the 1930s Prague cabarets tradition but adapted to current trends of beauty presentation. The strip club is conveniently located near the main square in Prague, but their limousine service will pick you up on request. At the entrance, there are beautiful statues of two topless ladies (I guess these are meant to serve as a hint on what you should expect to find inside).

Darling Cabaret houses four bars. Each of the four bars has its own stage that hosts dance shows the entire evening. Darling Cabaret’s main stage, which is downstairs, is the establishment’s centre of attention. The area surrounding the main stage has lots of sitting space. On the stage, over 150 dancers offer a wonderful experience and great entertainment from various parts of the world. The upstairs is just a lively balcony overlooking the main stage.

Darling Cabaret is one club in the Red Light street that you’ll find most girls per square foot. And the quality of the girls is from good to amazing. The night club’s private area is a lift-ride away from the main club. Up there, you get your own private room (made of curtains), although there seems to be a no-contact rule between the dancers and customers.

According to us, and our users, this is one of the best stripclubs in Europe.

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fabulous club, no one same in Europe

25-03-2014 14:23:38

the best club

25-06-2013 11:47:21

Went here after getting a taxi from the James Dean bar. Arrived and met the guy outside who tries to sell tickets to people in the main square. He have us some very good tips.
1, when ordering a drink ask for the 99kc drink and make sure you each state you want the 99kc drink if ordering in a group.
2, don't sit it the white tables, these are the VIP tables and everything is charged more on these tables.

The woman were stunning ! And the 1000kc we paid between 7 was well worth the table dance we got ! She was all over each of us and you could almost taste her minge it was so close !

The dances on the main floor were also great. The lesbian show was full blown and all they double ended dildos were used fully... It's was great !

We even got a free ride back to our hotel in the limousine afterwards !

03-05-2013 20:25:29

Supergeil!!! First time in Prag and will come back sure!

01-04-2013 13:07:18

absoluttly amazing place!

05-02-2013 17:34:03

@ istanbul
Been there yesterday, but no sex :( had to go across the street for that (Atlas Club), but the girls were of far less quality than in Darling

10-01-2013 06:36:09

The best stripbar I have ever seen in my entire life. Girls were like jumped out from model magazzine! Can't belive dude you can even have sex whichever you like. Ofcourse there is gonna be a return but no regret waking up happy in the next morning ;)

13-02-2012 16:55:50

Looking for "Sara".... I can't believe I feel in love..... with a stripper

07-08-2011 20:55:37

Like EDDIE AND RASHAD and say: yes, it's expensive, but why bothering driving a KIA, when you can drive a MERCEDES?

Drinks are expensive, but there is central London (disco) clubs with higher prices and less entertainment.

09-07-2011 15:34:38

haven't been here for a couple of months, but the number of amazing girls keep surprising me

08-07-2011 11:16:12

we had a great stag here yesterday

amazing place

06-07-2011 13:01:46

This place is awesome!!

28-04-2011 08:54:49

Went to Prague with 2 friends and off course had to try at least one of the many strip joints. Without even looking for it we were approched by a normal girl on the street asking us to come to Darling club. She had a voucher mentioning 'free entry' and 99KR for a beer. We went along and got a tour around the club. After the tour we had to pay entrance fee of 300KR. I pointed at the 'free entry' on the voucher, but all of the sudden she did no longer speak English. Eventually we got in for 150KR per person. We found our place at a table and ordered 3 beers. Instead of paying the expected 300KR, we were charged around 700KR. After that we were herassed by girls proposing a table dance, lesbian show and even sex. So long for an easy drink a strip show. After a while we got company from a nice, non-pushy girl and were forced by the waitresses to buy her a drink: 750KR for a coke! At the end we paid 1000KR to get our private table dance and left the place, just a the time a fat lady called 'Heidi' was starting her stripact. The club is a total rip-off. Try another one when you're in Prague. There all quite the same, but you'll never lose as much money as when going to Darling club.

06-05-2010 20:05:05

this shop is a bueautiful

22-04-2010 10:40:25

There's and old saying that goes:
Plenty money, plenty honey.
This is very true of Darlings. Top club. Plenty of girls. Great location. But with the exchange rate as it is these days, you'll pay a small fortune to spend an evening here. Its over a £10 to get in and nearly as much for a cheap drink. Compare rates for the girls against other clubs.
Neon 1400 per hour before 7.30.
Sweet Paradise 1800 per hour before 8.00, and its a great club.
Darling 3000 per HALF hour all the time.
As one of the other reviews says, lap dances in Darlings are almost as dear as a 1 hour session in these other clubs.
Its up to you but you can easily blow £150 here and come out not knowing what you got for it. Its probably a good idea to try other clubs before you go to Darlings. That way you'll know the score. Good luck.

16-10-2009 15:29:41

third time here prices seem to be lower for privat

still best place

25-09-2009 03:35:57

With the poor exchange rate (28ck to the pound) this is now very expensive and in my opinion not worth it. 300ck to get in and 2999ck for 30min day or night. Even the lap dances are more expensive than 1 hour with a girl in other clubs !!!

29-08-2009 03:32:47

The girls here are simply the best in Prague. There were probably 2 girls to every guy in the club - all stunning. The drinks are ridiculously overpriced. A Sprite is about £10, as is a bottle of Corona etc which does knock your enjoyment of the place and makes you wonder what else you may be getting ripped off. The girls are sensibly priced though and overall is the best club if you're willing to spend the money.

14-07-2009 17:44:13

Not that good overpriced girls not that hot some in their fifties avoid !

07-07-2009 23:25:44

Was in Prague 4 days at the back end of 2008. Visited a lot of clubs (your only middle aged once) and had a ball. Often 2 clubs a night. Was in darlings most nights. Great girls, great selection, very good club. Can be a bit pricy but what the hell. The girls got to know me by the end which was good.
A good tip: Always tell the girls your here for the week. They may just put out a bit more if there's the chance of a repeat sale if you know what I mean.
Well worth a visit.

15-06-2009 01:44:51

We went to Darling after hearing that it was the best in Prague and were very dissapointed with the experience and would not recommend it.

Entrace cost was 300Kr followed by a further 300Kr for a beer inside. The shows were reasonable and there was a huge sellection of women, however there was a lot of pressure from the women to buy them over-priced drinks (around 700Kr) or to go for private shows or more (2000-3500Kr).

Whilst it was an impressive club, I would only recommend taking the free tour to see inside, then going to another cabaret nearby for the same experience at a reasonable price.

25-03-2009 19:41:20


12-01-2009 07:32:35

Had a very unsatisfying experience here; our team scout got the drinks prices wrong, so we were being hit for 299 Kr for a Guinness or Heineken and a shocking 499 Kr for a vodka red bull.

Club was packed to the rafters, had to sit upstairs, couldn't see the stage properly.

Every 30 seconds a girl came over to ask us to buy a private dance. Way too aggressive.

We left after the one drink, went somewhere else and had a lot better time.

Not recommended.

01-12-2008 23:56:11

Darling CLUB is the best club of Prague, because there are the most beautiful ladies with many countries. I mean that the most interesting are woman from Czech Republic and Slovakia, other too, but...
Prices are high, more than other clubs, but its not a problem.
Greetings to Andrea (Andy) - the best dancer for me.

24-11-2008 21:24:56

Awesome club with plenty of beautyful girls for each to choose from.
Girls aren't really pushing, although they find you very fast.
High prices for drinks (a still water will cost you 12 euro's),
but eventually worth your money!
Prices for dances are the same as in most of the clubs.
One of the better clubs in Prague.

22-10-2008 22:11:31